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So I’ve moved to Poland

I woke up a few weeks ago in a new country. Because apparently I can’t get enough of the head-spinning dizziness of culture shock, the rush in the heart of waking up to new sounds, sights, and smells. This is Wroclaw, heart of Lower Silesia, former Breslau, former lots of things. For now, it’s home to my wife and me and our cats. Enjoy!

Memed, My Hawk

Sixteen months after I moved to Ankara, one of the leading literary figures of Turkey, Yashar Kemal, died. Kemal was a polarizing force of Turkish literature: charismatic and beloved by generations who came up in his wake, he was also a radical firebrand, a constant thorn in the government’s side. For these reasons, I’d long had his seminal novel Memed, my Hawk, on my radar – what could inspire so… Read Article →

Mistletoe Drone … of Death!!!

Here is my 2014 Christmas gift to you all: Inspired by a true story “‘Mistletoe Drone Operator’ at TGI Friday’s was the best job this “kind-of-a-loner, kept to himself” could get.” SCENE: TGI Fridays, interior. BARRY, pimpled and bitter, is dressed in TGI Friday’s shirt and suspenders with lots of flair. His hair is lank and greasy, a sneer on his face. He holds the MISTLETOE DRONE controller and scans… Read Article →

A grebmaR Christmas special: the Miser Brothers

When I was a kid, the holidays meant Christmas programming. There were the obvious solid, heartwarming classics like The Grinch, Charlie Brown, and Frosty the Snowman. But no one could match the Rankin/Bass studios for sheer madcap discombobulatory dissonance. Their specials were often pretty good, like the charmingly awkward “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” or the maudlin but effective “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” But they were equally capable of… Read Article →