Longer stories

Here are my novels and longer works. Get them for free or pay me, it’s all the same. Just let me know you’re enjoying it.

Jack’s Boys

Everyone loves a great Beat poet – but being his son is no picnic. Jack LaFleur was a wanderer, secret poet, and horrible family man. Jack’s Boys follows his sons as they come of age in the mid 90’s. A nice little novel by my much younger self, it’s well worth your time.

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Ah, the late 1990’s, a time when the Internet rose up to devour the world. In this screwball romance, the Internet Age gets its own star-crossed Gatsby in the form of Nils Bobgren, a trouble genius with a tortured past.

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Finally, a zombie book in South Korea. Follow the lives, loves, triumphs and despair of American English teachers on the run from flesh-eating hordes resurrected by an ancient curse. Will you have the grit to survive… the MZD?

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